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Painter’s Threads Collection

A firework of colors and fibre variety

International School for Textile Arts

Learning to stitch has never been more fun!

German Embroiderer’s Guild eV

Needlework is artisanship and much more

In this collection there are over 40 different embroidery threads, fabrics, trims and buttons. All hand painted with a unique technique that you can only find here. Painters radiate in bold colors, Pastels complement the collection with subtle pastel shades. The special dyeing technique, which for threads is used only by House of Textile Arts, allows Painters and Pastels to grow together into unbelievable compositions of color that seem like impressionist paintings. No color envies the other’s glow, on the contrary, all complement each other to an ever-surprising composition.

Our threads are available worldwide. Either directly from our online shop or through our sales partners in North America, Australia (consumer only), Europe and South Korea.

The mastery of many techniques and knowledge about the processing of various fibres forms the basis for a free artistic development.

With us you learn the art of stitching from scratch! WhetherFirst Steps or Master Class, we always start at the very beginning-how far you want to go is entirely up to you. You can learn from the comfort of your own home or locally in our workshop in the beautiful Donaueck. Since 1995, with our guidance many needlework enthusiasts have become textile artists and sometimes even made it a profession. You can also use our classes to prepare for the practical part for the official chamber of Crafts-examination Designing Crafts WoMan/subject embroidery (practical part).

The very special kind of Hand-Work

… counting, couching, cutting, sewing, laying, crossing, wrapping
Creating, devouring, underlaying, pulling, towering, wiring, clamping, wrapping,…

… chenille needle, curved needle, embroidery needle, tapestry needle, Couronne,
Stiletto, Mellor, pliers, nails…

… pricking, laminating, compensating, shading, mounting,
Tensioning, steaming, edgeing, trimming…

… sounds exciting? – It is! And much more
Just come along!

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