Bärbel is the never tiring source of inspiration in the House of Textile Arts.

Since earliest childhood, textile materials have been a fascination for the Markgräflerin, needlework always being her favorite. She is probably one of the few lucky ones who had a really great needlework teacher at school, which promoted her even through high school. After the middle school, he moved to a home economics grammar school in which she came into contact with many textile techniques. An apprenticeship as an Embroideress could not be realized then, which she still sees as a happy coincidence to this day. She trained in the hotel sector, studied social services and later completed an apprenticeship as a forwarding agent. This is the basis for the success of her small business, which is now known to stitchers all over the world.


1956 Dismissed into the world from the heavenly Ministry of Culture
1974 Uff-the Abitur (level A) is done
1974/75 longing for a break and learn English as an au-pair in Canada
1975 – 1998 Learned everything that is very helpful for self-employment
Organization, import, export, logistics, accounting, human resources
1986 official certificate as an apprenticeship instructor
Since 1995 self employed
1994/95 Certificated Classes Royal School of Needlework, London (hand embroidery)
1995-1997 Further needlework seminars Royal School of Needlework London
(Special subjects in hand embroidery)
1995 Foundation of the company Tentakulum and School of Historical Needle Art
after some misunderstandings and confusions today this is
House of Textile Arts with the Painter’s Threads Collection and the International School for Textile Arts
1998 Start of distance learning classes in the field of needlework
Start of production for her own line of hand-dyed threads and fabrics
Foundation of the German Embroiderer’s Guild e.v. (on the board until 2015)
2000 Development of her own technique for painting textile materials
Start of her famous line “Painter’s Threads Collection”
2006-2011 Expert in the Vocational Training Committee
Desinging Crafts WoMan
subject needlework
2010 Recognition of professional competence
For the training of Desinging Crafts WoMan
subject embroidery
2013 met the love of my life after more mistakes and confusions
happily married to this love since 2014 and working with him in my company
expert knowledge All techniques of hand embroidery
passementery (manual work)
Further knowledge braiding
Needlepoint Lace
Bobbin Lace