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Detail Sampler Master Class-Learning Unit 3-© Werner (DE)

We are back: hands-on training seminars at Ista-now in the Donaueck

Next weekend we welcome the first students for our Master class in our rooms in the Donaueck It took a bit of time to get settled in the new home and put the rooms in a beautiful state. Many of you have already been able to experience it the studio days in May.


We were pleased that we were repeatedly asked for the popular professional hands-on seminars. This has encouraged us to offer them again in Freyung, on the south-eastern edge of the Bavarian Forest. We started with the classes 1995, still during the training period of Baerbel at the Royal School of Needlework.

Our first domicile was in an old bakery in the Gallus district in Frankfurt. Homely lined with sun-yellow fabrics and equipped with the first material crates. The first courses were “simple” workshops on the many topics which at that time hardly anyone knew, but which quickly found many, many people interested. Our declared goal, however, was to build a similar semianr in Germany, as Bärbel was allowed to enjoy at the RSN. Just a bit more affordable, embroidering should be learnable for all. Not everyone can be as crazy as Bärbel to give up their retirement plans-but she will always assure you that the money was better spent than in any pension fund. And she will never stop working anyway….

This is how we started 1998 in our new rooms in Frankfurt Griesheim. Unfortunately, our first home was “invaded” by water that flooeded from the roof into our beloved baker’s room. As many of you know only the first of many incidents that should still follow… Bärbel probably takes her destiny as an Aquarius woman a little too literally… Our first student came from Duisburg, then there were three more determined ladies from Hanau, Düren and Halver. Here is a small impression of our beginnings…

In the meantime, more than 200 students have gone through our various class schemes, most of them finishing with one of the internationally known and popular degrees. Our newest student comes from Brazil and was alerted to us by a student in Latvia who was teacher in a class in Brazil. Isn’t that a great globalization variant? Switzerland is also very active at the moment, where participants can also find support from two ISTA gradduates, Margrit and Adelinde. Adelinde is the one that deservedly just rests a bit on the picture above…

3 The students from the last hands-on seminar in Frankfurt have now successfully completed the examination as a Designing Crafts Woman / subject Embroidery at the Cahmber of Craft. The work from the various seminars has so far been shown in Germany, England, France and the US. And of course, works from the seminars are also the attractions of our Big Jubilee Exhibition “20 years of distance learning classes at Ista”. The exhibition is a joint venture with the German Embroiderer’s Guild, which was also launched by Bärbel 20 years ago. We are looking forward to many of you who will be able to get to know us for the first time personally. Maybe some of you will get even more pleasure to register for one more of the professional classes-…

In the meantime, our premises have become a bit more professional as well and we can accomodate more studetns! see for yourself!

20170311 Imgp5003

On studio days in May, we made the test when 9 students have been present at the same time. It works fine! These days, Baerbel did really enjoy and gave her a lot of new ideas. She always feels so enriched and learns from the students as much as-hopefully-vice versa!

For October you can still restister, there are still a few places available. The next studio days will only take place again in October 2019, as we will be more than busy with the preparations for the exhibition and the trip next May. In “emergencies” at the moment there is a possibility to continue working on your project on the training days of the master class . You can find the dates here.


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