The Meisterklasse semester has started…

One of our two high-lights from the fall 2018

On 1st of September, the first two students started their private training as Master Needleworker.

threads, fabrics and many more-painters threads collection
Master Class Internationalschoolfortextilearts 01
Auch Das Erste Mustertuch Der Meisterklasse Ist Vollendet Von Ursula

Full of enthusiasm, Cornelia and Ursula stormed into the workshop rooms of the International School for Textile Arts and plunged into the variety of materials from which their first sampler is to be created.

Before the fun starts with the threads, however, a lot of preparation has to be done and the nature and character of each thread should be made a little bit internalized.

Ursula has opted for the default version…

Cornelia, who already has a bit more experience with the variety of material and stitches, plunges into a great maze of squares.

… and then the fall Studio Days arrived

Our second high-light in the still summery third season

From the 12th of – 21. October, many stichers met again at theOpen Studio Days. This time we women were amongst ourselves, our male colleagues unfortunately could not join us this time.

Helga came from our old hometown and Tarja from Luxembourg, much liked graduates from one of our distance learning classes. Our two Swiss master class students Monika and Uschy were looking forward to again meeting Marina from the Saarland and all three were looking forward to getting to know their fellow student Regina from Austria. Ursula from the Meisterklasse also used the opportunity for further hands-on instruction.

drawn Thread work can be so beautiful Uschy
First Steps in Pulled Thread Work
Monika dares a modern drawn thread variation

Uschy’s first successful steps at Drawn and Pulled Thread Work

Uschy’s first successful steps at Drawn and Pulled Thread Work

Monika is also successful with Pulled Thread Work

Monika’s work from the training and even muuuuch more can be followed on her blog .

Monika is already working on a creative Drawn Thread Border variation

With a little help by BIZ Marina has ventured into a small Stumpwork design after a Jane Nicholas design and everyone is inspectiong quite curiously the insertion of the petals

  • Die Bluete Waechst
  • Die Bluete Waechst Immer Weiter
  • Die Chefin Erklaert
  • Die Chefin Erklaert Und Erklaert
  • Die Bluete Waechst Immer Weiter Und Weiter
  • Die Bluete Ist Fast Fertig
  • Die Bluete Ist Fast Geschafftjpg
  • Auch Ein Blatt Ist Schon Vorhanden
  • Marinas Stumpwork Projekt Waechst Immer Weiter
  • Stumpwork Marina Finished 2

Regina makes herself familiar with the somewhat unusual materials used in metal work

Ueben Ueben Ueben Mit Regina
Goldwork doesn't always have to be gold
Metalwork Regina

Rococo Passing and Antique twist

Simple Or Nué and twist attached invisibly

Rococo Passing and Antique twist

Tarja begins her angel of peace for the action Embroiderin for Peace by Britta Friedmann

Tarja starts with the Angel of Peace 2018

Helga has devised something very special for our exhibition next year in Freyung: she embroiders the coat of arms of Freyung and also spiced it up with some colors. We are all looking forward to the next steps!

Oh yes, there was something else worth mentioning… The boss has finally finished something herself. The Angel of Peace, which was started as a demonstration at Nadel und Faden in Osnabrück, has indeed been finished. All those who know me know that this has been done with a violent grin, because I usually only produce UFOs and I usually do not feel bad about it!

2018 Biz Embroidery for Peace

Regina, thank you very much for the large part of the pictures made available to me. Your photos are so much better than mine!

Until next time: happy stitching!